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About Me

Brett Scott

At the age of thirty nine turning the big ’four zero’ back in 2014, Brett was finally hit with a self sabotaging incident he could no longer manoeuvre around. You see for years and years Brett was roaming around making poorly executed decisions and most times he would have a way to ‘figure himself out’ and keep moving.

Now look, some of these decisions would be good and work, but what Brett didn’t realise at the time was his search of the magic bullet or make it happen now pill, added with some bad habits and beliefs were the strongest reasons why he was not able to achieve the massive amounts of success he enjoys today. Can you relate to feeling like you know the ways to improve your life or at least the things that should enable you to be living a more prosperous life, yet you keep making ‘bad decisions’ you keep ending up feeling annoyed and frustrated with your outcomes and results in life?

Maybe you need this is now your time for change. Brett’s breakthrough didn’t really happen for another 4 years, but when it did, it was like an explosion, everything started to change. He earned ridiculous amounts of money, he met amazing people, within six months, met Bob Proctor, the man who woke him up and became one of his Coaches, he was interviewed on Jack Canfield’s show ’Talking About Success’ and so much more. Now it’s your turn!

Freedom Coaching

How I Can Help You

Strategy Session | 45 min | Free

In this 45min-1hr session you will discover whether Brett and Freedom Coaching can help guide you towards whatever you heart truly desires. Even if we don't end up working together, you will leave some useful strategies


All coaching services are very limited and extremely carefully offered to ensure both the Freedom Coaches and the Clients are a good fit.

1:1 Coaching

1 to1 is not available often, when it is, it’s purely for those looking to truly expand and grow exponentially with strong purpose.

Freedom Formula for Success Mastermind

Freedom Formula for Success Mastermind groups are designed to give you an almost foolproof ability to not only succeed in achieving your goals, but to smash them with 7-9 other likeminded individuals who have been chosen to be in your group. (10 people maximum)

Our Clients Say

What Clients say about working with Brett and how it has helped them with there decisions in life.


Brett is my HERO. He invited me to join his mastermind. He never broke his promise. He helped me to find my mentor who was a great fit for me and my personality. He is very genuine. He is an excellent coach. He is very supportive, patient, resourceful, responsible mentor. He is very dedicated. He will help you to grow. He will lead you correctly to achieve your goals, express your desires and create better, more meaningful life with purpose. Trust Brett.

Claire H

The real deal!!! Saying YES to coaching with Brett has been the best decision of my life. The training he provides has allowed to save my relationship and keep my family together, seen the biggest financial opportunity fall into my lap and allow me to start the deep personal healing I needed to become the best version of myself for me! I urge you to say YES to chatting, you have nothing to lose and soooo much to gain!!

Mick D

In humility, Brett walks the walk and talks the talk of what it is to live life in success. He never stops helping others and is always in learning mode. Brett has an ever-increasing understanding of relationships, money and health. He is confidential, creative and emotionally balanced.